About Us

We are John and Shelly Schuur. (That’s us in New Orleans back in the pre-pandemic days.) We live in Felton, have big dogs, and love the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

John is an engineer in Silicon Valley. Shelly used to work in high tech, but she’s now a novelist and writing teacher. 

We bought our Terrace View house as a place for us (and Shelly’s mom) to live while we undertook a massive construction project at our home in Felton. When we postponed the project to 2021, we decided to rent out Terrace View on a month-to-month basis to awesome people who needed a short term stay.

We still plan to move into the house when we start our construction project. Of course, the terrible fires have tragically impacted so many people, and we don’t know how the fires will impact our plans yet. We will absolutely work with you on the amount of time you may need the rental. None of us know what the next months or years are going to be like, so just know we understand and can be flexible.